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Snowbird Directory 2019-2020


ALAVHR Snowbirds Wanted beach

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(Green = Available)

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Link Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr Beds Bath Sleeps       X X X   3 2 6     X X X X   2 2 7 x x x x x     2 2 8   x x x x     1 1 4   x x x x     1 1 4   X X X       1 1 6     X X x     1 1 6     X X X X   2 2 6   X X X       3 2 6   X X     14 X 2 2 6   x 14         2 2 6   X X         2 2 6   x X X X X   2 1 4 x x x x x     4 3 15       x       3 3 8   x X         2 2 6 x x x     4 x 2 2 6       x x 15   2 2 8         x     1 1 4   x x x x     2 2 6       X X X X 3 2 8   x X X X X   1 2 5   x X X       3 2 10     X X       3 2 10 x x x x x     3 3 7   x x         2 2.5 6
Pets Considered Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr Beds Bath Sleeps
Wolf Bay Condos X X X x       2-3 2-3 6-8   X X X X X   2 1.5 6   X X         3 2 10       X X     2 2 6   X X         2 2 8 X X X X X X X 3 3 10 x X X x x x x 3 2 8
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New ALAVHR Facebook Group Membership Program

OWNER RESOURCES - April 13, 2019

We are thrilled with the explosive growth of our Facebook group connecting travelers and owners along the Gulf Coast! Our goal is to provide a legitimate “no booking fee” option for guests to book directly with owners.

Effective April 14, 2019, owners will need to be a paid subscriber to post or reply in our Gulf Shores/Orange Beach No Booking Fee Facebook group. Travelers will never be charged to join or use our groups. We offer two ways for owners to participate:

ALAVHR Subscription

Facebook Group Membership

  • Monthly Membership $14.99/month for up to three properties (all must have same owner, no shared memberships)
  • You will be asked to provide your personal Facebook Profile along with at least one No Fee link (Facebook page, website or no fee listing).
  • Provides same access and privileges in our Facebook Groups as ALAVHR members
  • Membership is valid for all Groups under ALAVHR
  • Includes ALAVHR Monthly Bronze Plan for one listing
    • ALAVHR listing is not required to participate
    • Owner may choose to create a listing on ALAVHR at any time to take full advantage of their membership
    • The first listing is included, additional fees apply to add more properties to ALAVHR
  • Requirements
    • Owner owned properties only.
    • Special rules for Property Managers
      • No property management subscriptions allowed.
      • Owners may share their link to a property manager’s website provided no extra booking fees are charged by the site.
      • Property managers must subscribe to ALAVHR and include ALAVHR links to participate.
      • Exception: Property managers may purchase a membership for property they personally own.
    • Owners must provide a “no booking fee” option to travelers such as a dedicated Facebook page, website or listing on another “no booking fee” site. Travelers must be able to book without paying booking fees.
    • Links must be approved before membership is activated.
    • All posts and replies must contain their approved “no fee” link prior to PM with guest.
    • Additional information may be required to verify ownership prior to approval.
    • Violators will be blocked from the group.
    • No refunds will be issued in cases of fraud or failure to follow group rules.
    • Owners must submit a cancellation request at least five days prior to next billing cycle to avoid charges.
  • Subscribe Now
  • Go to Facebook Group
  • Contact us for more information.

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